Robot Dog is a Digital Video Marketing Agency. We are a team with a diverse range of skills including video production, social media marketing, promotional photography, website design and more. But mainly we are a group of visual storytellers here to help you attract, engage and move your customers with brilliant marketing campaigns

Video Production

We make professional quality videos for your business or brand. Perfect for your social media or website

Digital Marketing

We create targeted digital campaigns to spread your message and attract new customers

Analytics and Insights

We help your business evolve by measuring the impact of our campaigns. Analysing digital behaviour and social media reactions to drive your business forward.

  • Step 1 - We Create The Conversation

    We create high quality video content that will showcase your business in the best way possible. We then combine it with awesome copywriting to create an ad campaign that will have everyone talking about you

  • Step 2 - We Spread The Word

    Now you've got the perfect message but that doesn't matter if no one sees it. We help you get the word out by crafting super effective and ultra efficient digital campaigns that are targeted to reach your customer base. We'll get the most out of your marketing budget driving traffic and getting results.

  • Step 3 - We Learn and Evolve

    As we said, we get results and that doesn't happen by being static. A dynamic world needs dynamic marketing. We'll set up top quality analytics to measure the impact your campaign is having and use that to data to make it perform even better. We'll help you understand how customers are reacting to your message and evolve to meet your goals

We use quality video and digital marketing to supercharge businesses.

How much could we boost your business? Watch our client case study video to find out!

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